About Us

Different to many other travel companies, we aim for your trip to have a positive effect on the Cuban people.

We are the platform for Cubans entrepreneurs in tourism and b&b owners that are growing in Cuba. This platform was created with the main aim of connecting these Cubans to the outside world and to allow them to sell their accommodation, transfers, tours, etc.. direct to you.

Rather than using a tour operator where they get a percentage of the sell for their work. We just give them 100% their value. They have full control of their website within our platform and are in total charge of their product including prices.

By booking through us, you are helping to create jobs and enterprise in Cuba. We just charge a small admin fee for the usage of the system so, that they can take full advantage of our platform. This small admin fee allows us to keep the platform going and we use it bring further help in the way of advice and given them the possibility to grow their business.

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